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Who am I?

I spent my childhood between the French Alps and Provence. Thanks to my mum who is a multi-talented craft aficionado, and my dad who would take me to any museum we would come across, I became very interested in art and tried my hand at a number of craft techniques. I would also curl up in a corner of the house and spend days and nights reading any book I could get my hands on.  I developed an unquenchable curiosity and the need to always know more. Eventually I could not resist the sheer magic of life processes and embarked upon a career in biology. Academic research provided rigorousness, precision, logic, and fulfilled the need to understand any process down to the most intimate details. More than hobbies, crafts and art were then the outlet that would balance the strict frame of science.

A few years after settling in southwestern VA, an aneurysm and severe complications led me to reconsider my career choices. The high stress, high stakes life of a researcher lost its appeal. Art and crafts helped first with physical recovery, then with finding peace of mind and a new sense of purpose. Silversmithing in particular offered a new way of expression. I had been interested in metal work for more than a decade by then but never really had a chance to give it a try. A beginner workshop was all I needed to get hooked, in spite of my finger movements still being impaired. My skills improved with practice, and I grow more passionate about silversmithing every day.

I had the opportunity to live in and explore a large number of countries. Learning about traditional crafts was an inevitable part of the experience. Being exposed to various cultures and landscapes shaped my unique views on the world and art. The unique twists and turns of my life translate into the unique pieces of jewelry that are created in my home studio today.


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