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Artist statement

Our modern world is spinning ever faster, driven by instant gratification and standardization. Millions of cookie cutter items are mass-produced and sold every day, driving us apart from the concepts of artisan made, skilled craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind pieces.  My handcrafted items do not display machine-made perfection. I fully embrace the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, that there is great beauty in imperfection. I stand for slow-made, hand work, skilled craftsmanship, one on one relationship.

Having discovered the art of silversmithing later in my life, I was eager to learn as many techniques as possible and acquire a thorough understanding of metal behavior and the possibilities of the material. Science was my first love, and I apply the same rigorousness, analytical mind and great attention to detail to the planning and execution of a piece. Each piece starts with the same 3 elements: an anvil, fire, and time. When it comes down to design however, my process is much more intuitive, almost thoughtless. The inspiration behind my pieces is multifaceted. As many other artists I found an endless source of wonder in nature. My childhood fascination with rocks and fire never left me, and my extensive travels filled a treasure chest of artistic, natural, cultural, architectural, human experiences that mix up happily in my brain. Every one of my pieces is somehow connected to memories, experiences, places and people that affected me. At any time in my studio one may find stones, metal scraps and open books seating on a bench. As I go on with my day I look at them (or not) and suddenly one of these eureka moment happens: I know what to make out of these stones and scraps.  There might be slight design changes along the way, but the end product is always faithful to the original idea. From the barely conscious conception to the specific steps of construction, each piece I make is truly one of a kind.

I mainly use sterling silver, but also enjoy playing with high carat gold, copper and brass. Texture to me is the most appealing feature of any metal object, and I achieve a wide variety of it through reticulation, hammering, roll printing, and stamping. Keum-bo, patinas, genuine gemstones and pearls add color, dimension and mystery.  I’m aiming at creating pieces that are contemporary, and that complement any outfit. The idea is that when you love a piece of jewelry and you can’t stop wearing it because it has become a part of you, it should fit with any clothes, any shoes, any haircut. It has to be timeless, easy yet substantial, unique yet universal in its appeal. And more importantly, it has to make you feel good, empowered and confident in your being a special person.

Whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself, a memorable gift for someone special, a symbol of a meaningful milestone, I’ll be happy and honored to be part of the process. I enjoy the challenge of designing a unique piece based on your needs and your own story. Let’s talk about it!

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