The myth of the phoenix rising from its ashes has fascinated me since early childhood. The idea of a cleansing fire sending everything back to square 1 and allowing new birth and growth is extremely appealing to me. Slash-and-burn is a highly destructive farming method involving the cutting and burning of plants in a forest or woodland to create a field, and yet I can see beauty in the small, green plantlets emerging from the dark soil and desolated landscape. This collection is based on the use of reticulated silver, i.e. silver that was repeatedly torched up to create a mesmerizing texture of rifts and valleys. Various decorative elements sprout from the burned landscape, locked in an eternal spring.

earrings silver reticulation patina cz
pendant silver reticulation gold garnet
earrings silver reticulation gold
earrings silver reticulation gold patina
pendant silver reticulation gold patina
earrings silver reticulation gold
pendant silver gold reticulation pearl patina
pendant silver reticulation pearl
pendant silver reticulation pietersite
earrings silver reticulation patina
earrings silver reticulation gold patina
necklace silver reticulation patina pietersite

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